Market Intelligence

  • Carry out competitors’ analysis, market sizing and price discovery
  • Identify potential in-country business partners
  • Preparation of various market research reports as required by Clients

Corporate Ventures and Mergers & Acquisitions

  • The purpose of this program is to increase the revenue of the Client or project based on findings from Market Research
  • We walk the journey with businesses comprising business plan preparation to overseeing due diligence, deal structuring and negotiations to conceiving collaborative ventures with Strategic Business Partners

Deal Structuring

  • Deal Structuring refers to equity (joint-ventures and M&A) and non-equity ventures (distributorship, agency, licensing, franchising, or hybrid arrangements)
  • Tax advisory and Transfer Pricing based on Free Trade Agreements to optimized cross-border supply chain profitability

Financial Modelling

  • Financial Modelling for:
  1. Project Feasibility Studies
  2. Supporting M&A transactions
  3. Supporting trade and project financing programs

Project and Trade financing

  • Develop Financing Program for businesses and projects
  1. Securities based financing
  2. Private equity financing
  3. Trade financing
  4. Project financing
  5. Other forms of business financing
  • Implementation of Financing Program as per requirements of the Client

Process & Operations re-structuring

The purpose of this program is to boost profitability of businesses and projects

  • Operations review in terms of efficiency and effectiveness to identify wastage.
  • Business Model and Process Re-engineering
  • Develop Action Plan

Program Office to supervise implementation of Action Plan


Industry 4.0

  • Carry out diagnosis of enterprises from the perspective of process and technology gap
  • Evaluate business processes and technology fit, and also enterprises’ readiness to adopt Industry 4.0
  • Develop Technology solutions
  • Carry out operations and financial viability analysis
  • Identify Technology vendors
  • Develop Action Plan
  • Program Office to supervise implementation of Action Plan

Business Process Outsourcing

Back-office operations:

  • Corporate Administration (incorporate services, corporate secretary & governance )
  • Accounting & tax services
  • Human Resources Planning & Payroll

Outreach and Marketing

Curate, organize and conduct outreach programs such as seminars and workshops in key nodal cities along the Belt and Road Initiative

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